Questions & Answers

What is the Post Grad Sports Baseball Program?

Our program is designed to enhance the Academic and/or Athletic resume to send the player on to College programs or beyond, without losing a year of athletic eligibility or a red shirt year.

How long is the program?

The program runs from August 2020 to May 2021 .

What is a typical day/week like?

The program is based on a Monday through Friday schedule with some Saturdays when scheduling requires it. M/W/F there will be field work in the morning followed by lunch, and then cage work. Strength and conditioning (except Wednesday) in the late afternoon. On T/TH, there is time set aside in the morning for school/study. 

Can I get recruited by a college during my HS Senior baseball season after I have signed with PGS?

Absolutely! If your dream school gives you an offer, by all means, take it! We here at PGS always want what is best for each player.

Are players required to take college courses?

No. However, college coaches do ask about your studies, therefore it is in the best interest of the athlete to take part time courses even though they are not required to do so by Post Grad Sports. 

Can players use the hitting/pitching facility outside of normal program hours?

Yes, as long as there is open cage time, PGS players will have access free of charge.

What is the roster size?

A college baseball roster is 35. Our roster size will be between 40 and 50 players. This is to accommodate inter-squad games.

How many players per position?

The number per position is fluid since some players are two way players. Ideally there is  2-3 players per position. Up to 6 Catchers to accommodate the inter squad games and the bullpen sessions. 

What about playing time?

There will be plenty of playing time with inter-squad games and scheduled games. Those that are not scheduled to go to the game are still required to perform the activities scheduled for that day. This will ensure those players have opportunity to better themselves.

What methods do you use for Development?

1. Strength and conditioning 

2. Nutrition

3. Daily baseball activities designed to improve performance

4. NCAA D1 level coaching staff to help prepare you for college baseball

Is there any community service?

We believe some community involvement is important. What those activities will be depends on the opportunities at the time.

How do you promote the player to colleges?

We help the player with information, support and guidance to succeed. Our game schedule is designed to help market players to colleges. We help but do not do all the work. It is still the responsibility of the player to be recruited by colleges.

How does a player get recruited by PGS?

There are currently two ways:

 1. Tryout (upcoming tryout will be scheduled soon)

 2. Be recruited by sending in recruiting information and video(Click here to do so)

To get updates on tryouts and upcoming events click here.